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November 01, 2005


Chuck Gutierrez

The bad news is really that the media has controlled the psyche of common folks. Media has dictated how one "should think" and even "must think" in some instances. When the media try to pour those "bad news" or the negative reports, the common folks would merely succumb to the idea. Hence, the chain reaction of negative vibe would flow from the way they think and the way they act. This is what is happening in the Philippines right now. Filipinos are so attached to the media. Everything the newscasters say, they will believe. Worse, nowadays, whatever big brother say, everyone will reply with a very respectful "po" or "opo" no matter how silly that dude is. The point is, Filipinos have became slaves of the media.

There are so many great news out there. And that's only in the range of Mandaluyong and Pasig. What more if we search the entire country? There are so many great things happening to this godforsaken country of ours. Would you like to hear a few? Well, my friend just arrived from foriegn shores with gigantic dreams of ours now a reality. Other friends of mine got great grades from a very challenging semester at school. Those simple things won't get into the news. But so freaking what right? I'm just trying to say that we don't have to look for solice or consolation from the media we have now in the Philippines.

Given, the Philippine media is a load of crap nowadays. Adding "positive news" might be a great idea but that's just a band aid to a gushing wound. The cure is the education of the Filipinos once again with the focus of on media appreciation. Funny, education is once again the suggested remedy for any woe. Damn, I sound like Rizal!

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