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September 02, 2005


miron to mlq3: GAME ON!

i read your comment just now -- i hope it's not too late to join your effort.


As you know, there's an agreement to create an umbrella organization uniting all the forces against GMA. it's called "bukluran para sa katotohanan." we'd like to get the blogosphere involved by those of us who agree on the points of unity, to come out wthstatement of support on monday,m when the big, and final push for impeachment will begin. the points of unity are: 1. each is a truth seeker 2. gma must go because she does not have the trust of the people 3. we beleive in peaceful, democratic ways of solving this crisis.

let me know if you're interested in joining the common blog effort on monday.


Let's go a little more contemporary..."WHO LET THE DOGS OUT?!!! WHO?!WHO?!WHO?!!!"

Edwin Lacierda


I remember that song was sung during the Marcos years led by my former boss, Raffy Evangelista, in a coffee shop in one of the Makati hotels. I just dont remember what momentous occasion brought about that song but it is apropos for this occasion as well.

miron to mlq:

now mlq-- that's a bizarre and deeply frightening image! The sad part is i can totally imagine it...
will try to scramble now to get to dela salle!


how about a song, sung by the president, to a kennelful of drooling tutas in the house:

"how much is that doggy in the window? the doggy with waggly tail? i do hope that doggy's for sale..."

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