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September 01, 2005


miron to chuck: Ey chuck...

Ey chuck, read your rant. damn potholes and open manholes! send me a picture of one of them, will you? i want to compare with those we've got across the street. we'll do an insane contest you know, to drive people (or more precisely, the two of us)nuts.

miron to mlq3:

do you think edmund really consciously took it from the movie, mlq?
i know nothing wrong with that, but there's no denying it diminishes the power of his message. I felt he was in a situation that required no tricks of rhetoric. There he was, a young fresh voice, the lone warrior fielded by the wounded minority, a david against a wall of goliaths, in a battle where no less than the presidency and the future of the country is at stake.
is that the most appropriate time to be quoting lines from a blockbuster hollywood movie starring brad pitt?
he had the opportunity there to give the country a new battlecry...
sayang eh, sayang...i liked the presence of this edmund reyes. i hope he finds the words in time for plenary.


ang galeng galeng naman!
yup, no else can match GMA! go GMA! hehehe

peace :)


There's nothing new about using lines. It's as good a rhetorical trick as any.

Chuck Gutierrez

I'm here Miron! :)

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