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August 31, 2005


Chuck Gutierrez

Drive along Mandaluyong City and you could witness first hand the problem of our country. Giant banners and posters are posted everywhere with our mayor who looks like Max Alvarado mix with Weng Weng on it. Yes, it's a very very scary sight! I get sick everytime I see the dude on the posters. I get sick not because on his looks but what this thing symbolizes. These posters caused thousands of pesos from the city treasury. These are the funds that would be best used for fixing our roads. FYI, Mandaluyong has the worst roads known to man. Shaw Blvd. and Boni Ave. have pot holes that could make Max Alvarado's face look like silk. Government officials have the nerve to say that they lack funds to complete the rehabilitation of roads but they could afford putting up posters gloriying a TRAPO. Fuck "mayor" Boyet Gonzalez!

Now look at the Congress happenings regarding the Impeachement proceedings. It is basically the same freaking thing. Congressmen are just grandstanding left and right. Walking tall and feeling smart without thinking the welfare of the people they represent. Come to think about it, they are doing this, especially I dare say the majority block, so that they could get special gifts from Santa Claus. In turn, they would have funds to put their faces on billboards and posters but not to basic projects like better public roads. Fuck "congressman" Benhur Abalos!

You all let me down you suckers!

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