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July 10, 2005



thanks jove, nice to have you visiting this fledgling blog of mine. i read yours as well and really enjoyed it.


this publisher guy is one hell of a character talaga eh no?

anyways... i discovered your blog thru mlq3.

great concept... sort of like the newser's blog in the USA.

more power!


andrew! chuck! leonard! You guys are hilarious!


to paraphrase a saying: what am I owner of my newspaper for? hehehe

on another note, take a look at the star's front page photo of GMA. she knows where her bread is buttered!

Chuck Gutierrez

Oh, my dear Max... you already have a special reservation at the hottest circle in Inferno! Get ready to be roasted man! Burn baby burn!


Max Soliven again! It's a WIG wearing a fake PERSON!

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