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May 02, 2005


Abs Abando

i guess it's because the major networks(and even the smaller ones) aren't bent on quality. take a close look at a small network based in qc. i've had a chance to work there & i saw that most of the staff are young(albeit somewhat lacking in vigor) & most of all INEXPERIENCED at visual imagery. i know of someone there who hardly has any sense of visual aesthetics or technical know-how who rakes in a higher "tf" than someone who's buried his face in the viewfinder and the monitor since tape was 20-min in length and had to be carried in a "backpack" recorder! thanks to another network, our sense of good taste has been overtaken by commercialism and the need to keep sponsors happy. sadly, this is true for print and broadcast media. look at fm radio--it no longer exists! what we have is AM radio programming on the FM band with all the "can i greet?...." and "hi to...." we who delve in good taste need to do something--FAST! before the media totally goes into the crapper--if not the sewer.

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