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May 01, 2005


Tom Meneses

Chuck is right, it is downright sad that people would capitalize on the instability of our country to make a quick buck...but this caught our eye because it was released at a very antsy time and in a big way...but we should also take notice of numerous ads on television, ads that we hardly notice anymore because they go on and on and on...but these seemingly harmless ads do a lot of damage to our psyche too.

There's an ice cream ad out right now that shows that the Filipino family is being fragmented by so many distractions...and the solution to all this familial strife? A tub of ice cream! WOW. Family in trouble? Can't bond with your husband and kids? Misis, ICE CREAM LANG ANG KATAPAT MO. Wow.

It's sad that ads that supposedly enrich our lives actually cheapen them.

Chuck Gutierrez

It's sad that even the largest companies would be desperate enough to use this gimicks to earn extra profits.

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